12 Compelling Australian Online Video Statistics from 2013

Last year, YouTube predicted (with confidence) that 90% of all web traffic will be video by 2020. This is a bold statement, but one that will very probably be vindicated.

The primary reasons for this include continually increasing internet speeds, easier online video access via mobile devices and costs in producing video content decreasing.

In Australia, we’ve seen a lot of anecdotal evidence that online video continues to increase in popularity at the same rates being seen globally (even though we’re plagued with issues surrounding the NBN).

However, finding specific Australian online video statistics is a lot tougher than you might think.

So, we’ve scoured the web to find as many Australian YouTube and online video stats as we can to help give you a picture of what is happening locally.

12  Australian Online Video Statistics from 2013

  1. YouTube is the fourth most visited website in Australia trailing only Google.com.au, Google.com and Facebook. The average time spent on the site per visit (globally) is more than 22 minutes (source: alexa.com)
  2. 11.5 million Australians use / visit YouTube, marginally trailing Facebook’s 13 million user base (source: SocialMediaNews.com)
  3. 52% of Australian YouTube users are males and 48% are females (source: YouTube Ad Planner)
  4. 51% of the Australian YouTube audience is aged between 18 – 34 and, surprisingly, 19% are 45 years and older (source: YouTube Ad Planner)
  5. The average Australian visits YouTube 11 times per month (source: Nielsen Online Ratings May 2013)
  6. Facebook is the second most popular place for Australians to watch online video with an audience of more than 4.1 million (source: Nielsen May 2013 Videocensus)
  7. 89% of Australians watch videos on Facebook (source: ACMA via Econsultancy)
  8. Nielsen’s May 2013 Videocensus also reported that 12.5 million Australians streamed online videos and a grand total of 1.75 billion streams were viewed in May 2013
  9. According to Nielsen, the overall online streaming video gender split is almost 50/50 but males watch an average of 161 streams per month while females watch an average of 118. Overall, Australians spent 6 hours and 49 minutes watching online video content in May 2013
  10. In Australia, YouTube clips are the third most downloaded types of content just behind photos and music (source: Panasonic via Econsultancy)
  11. Australian beauty Vlogger Lauren Curtis has 870,000+ YouTube subscribers. This is 20 times the size of the biggest subscriber base of Australia’s most popular mainstream brand on YouTube, Billabong which has 44,000 subscribers  (source: SocialBakers.com)
  12. The Australian YouTube channel (non-music) with the most total views is Natalie Tran’s Community Channel which has amassed more than 478 million views since 2006

What do these stats mean?

This is often the question you find yourself asking when you come across blog posts like these.

The big takeout is that online video consumption continues to increase and if YouTube’s 2020 prediction is correct, online video needs become a cornerstone of your content marketing strategy sooner rather than later.

What these stats don’t tell us is how Australian businesses are using YouTube and online video to add value to the online communities to matter to them.

This is mostly due to the ad hoc approach most businesses take when it comes to YouTube publishing, often slapping up TV commercials or content that doesn’t suit the platform and user behaviour.

This is where the last two stats about popular users Lauren Curtis and Natalie Tran come into play.

Both channels fronted by Lauren and Natalie serve up regular content that fulfills the two most powerful needs of the social web: usefulness (Lauren) and entertainment (Natalie).

If you’d like to find out more about the content and scheduling of Australia’s top 100 YouTube channels, check out the handy real-time chart from SocialBlade.

Did any of these Australian online video statistics surprise you?

Are the Australian YouTube stats what you expected?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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