Platform Five: This Week’s Important Social Media Changes and Updates


Each Friday on the Kamber Blog, we’re going to serve up an overview of the five biggest social media changes and updates that took place on the most popular platforms from the last seven days.

We’ll also drop in any new and interesting new tools and sites that may shake things up down the track or just come in handy.

And, from time to time, we’ll highlight some innovative uses of the most popular platforms too.

If you’re busy and only have a few minutes spare each week to stay on top of the rapidly changing social media landscape, we’ve got you covered.

This Week’s Important Social Media Changes and Updates

  1. Topsy let’s  you search through every tweet since 2006Topsy.com has made a firm run at being the Google search equivalent for Twitter after an announcement this week. Historically, it has been difficult to search and find tweets past a two week period so this will be music to the ears of many.
  2. Google Glass to have its own app store in 2014 – Google Glass, the wearable technology project from Google, continues to create buzz in the lead up to the public beta launch in late 2013 / early 2014.  Marketing Land reported that Google Glass will have its own App Store as opposed to being featured in the Google Play store. This is likely to be launched in 2014.
  3. Facebook tests a ‘trending hashtags’ function – We all know that Facebook loves testing new functionality regularly and we also know it likes to ‘borrow’ functionality from Twitter. So, it was no big surprise when the Wall Street Journal ran a story about the discovery that Facebook was testing a ‘trending hashtags’ function. If it becomes a fully implemented function, it may help with content discovery and encourage more hashtag usage.
  4. World’s highest ever basketball shot captured on YouTube – A group of sports daredevils called How Ridiculous have shattered their own record by making a basketball shot from an upward distance of 98 metres. And, of course, YouTube went into meltdown as soon as it was posted. Check out the full video here.
  5. Wideo brings easy-to-make animated videos to the mainstreamWideo.co is a new service which allows users to create animated videos with ease. You can insert a bunch of elements into the videos including sound, texts and imagery.

We’ll be back with another edition of platform five next week.

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