Social Media Trends 2014 (Part 12): The (big time) return of the blog

Social media trends 2014 the big time return of the blog header

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Social Media Trends 2014 (Part 12): The return of the blog

It’s time for the third last post in our Social Media Trends 2014 series.

This trend focuses on the humble blog, which contrary to many reports, isn’t dead and buried.

In fact, blogs the blogging mentality will regain its rightful spot as content marketing’s most valuable asset.

Trend 12: Blogs aren’t dead, they’re more important than ever before

In recent posts in this series we’ve touched on the many changes that indicate content will be the main focus for marketers in 2014.

The changes made to Google’s algorithm and general approach to rewarding quality content is one reason.

Another reason is that the popular art of curating 3rd party content is slowly becoming a less fruitful social media tactic.

Connected to this reason is that original content is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Here are eight more reasons why blogs are alive and well, and more important than ever before.

Eight reasons why blogs aren’t dead

social media trends 2014 the return of the blog1. Google loves the fresh and consistent content blogs provide

2. ‘Blogs’ can be featured anywhere and in any format

3. Blogs are an investment in something you truly own

4. Static websites don’t bring people back or attract new visitors

5. The blogging mentality helps you create content that works elsewhere

6. Blogs encourage collaboration (which extends the reach of your content)

7. Blogs can increase influence in your niche

8. Loyal and vocal communities can be built around blogs

For more commentary around each of these reasons, refer to this blog post.

Where to from here?

For some individuals and organisations, blogging can seem like a daunting thing to implement. And, in some cases, they’re just not practical.

However, the ‘blogging mentality’ is something that can make an impact in businesses of all shapes and sizes. Even just having someone within your marketing and communications team who has some experience in the blogging space, can help develop content solutions that can cut through the noise.

The blog is well and truly back and will play a huge role in the success of content marketing strategies in 2014.

Look out for part 14 of our Social Media Trends 2014 series which examines the one constant trend in the digital marketing space and why it will only escalate next year.


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