Yellow Social Media Report 2014: Facebook in Focus

Yellow social media report 2014 australia

Yellow Social Media Report 2014: Facebook in Focus

The Yellow Social Media Report 2014 has just been released.

Over the last few years it has provided businesses with a great snapshot of key Australian social media statistics and this year is no different.

Instead of summarising the entire thing, we’ve decided to focus on what this report can tell us about Facebook from a business perspective (that we didn’t already know).


Facebook has essentially become a ‘pay to play’ platform for business which increases the overall cost of being active. These hard costs have meant many businesses, especially small to medium size ones, have begun questioning the value of Facebook in a much more vocal manner.

We also chose to focus on Facebook because its role in the contemporary social media environment is changing.

It has increasingly become a place where brand generated content is ‘promoted’, as opposed to a place where audiences are simply ‘engaged’.

Most importantly, and no matter how much noise is made about the other online destinations where users can ‘be social’, Facebook is still the one place where users of all types can be targeted and reached by business.

That’s right, Facebook is still a beast.

Yellos social media report 2014 focus on facebook all platforms

Here are some of the more interesting stats about Facebook usage in Australia we pulled out of the report:

  1. On average, Australian Facebook participants use the platform 30 times per week (this has increased from 16 times in 2011)
  2. The 20-29 age bracket are the most active, averaging 45 sessions per week
  3. Australian Facebook users spend 17 minutes on the site per session (down one minute from the 2013 data)
  4. The five most popular business types followed by users on Facebook are: Fashion / clothing (32%), sporting club (26%), work/ profession related (22%), electronics / technology (21%) and food / drinks (9%)
  5. Facebook continues to be the most popular platform for businesses of all sizes. 82% of small businesses, 89% of medium-sized businesses and 83% of large businesses are using Facebook as part of their social media marketing activity
  6. Large business owners believe Facebook advertising is a very effective part of their presence on the platform. 93% found paying to advertise worthwhile. In contrast, 66% small businesses felt the same way

What does it all mean?

These stats, in addition to the plethora of others in existence, confirm a lot of what we already knew.

Facebook is still the social media platform which can most efficiently help businesses reach the people that matter to them.

What they do there is the important bit.

And, how much budget they can allocate towards advertising to boost visibility is equally as important.

Check out the report in full here.


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