Platform 5: This week’s most important social media changes including LinkedIn launching new ads

Linkedin launching new ads

This week’s most important social media changes including LinkedIn launching new ads

What’s changed in the last seven days and what does it all mean?

In a week where Sandberg and Zuckerberg thanked Facebook advertisers, LinkedIn made a number of significant moves to their advertising options, including the launch of Lead Accelerator. YouTube takes a step towards family-friendly content launching YouTube Kids, and Facebook allows ads to be managed via mobile via the new Ads Manager app. We take a look first at LinkedIn launching new ads.

1.       LinkedIn launching new ads

LinkedIn has announced a range of new ad products including LinkedIn Lead Accelerator, Sponsored Updates, LinkedIn Onsite Display, LinkedIn Network Display, and Sponsored InMail. The biggest product of the launch is Lead Accelerator which allows advertisers to segregate audiences then deliver targeted content to each group. This gives advertisers a much better understanding of their audiences’ behaviour. In addition to Lead Accelerator, advertisers can now buy ads through LinkedIn to be displayed on other sites using cookies.

Get the latest on LinkedIn’s new ads.

2.       Facebook Introduces Ads Manager app

Facebook ads can now be managed on the go with the new Ads Manager app. Advertisers can create new ads, optimize, edit budgets and schedules, and monitor existing ads directly on a mobile device. It’s currently available for iOS in America, and will be rolling out worldwide in the coming weeks. The ads manager app will be released for Android at the end of this year.

Read more about Facebook’s Ads manager app

3.       YouTube launches YouTube Kids

After months of planning, free iOS and android app YouTube Kids launched this week. The platform filters kid friendly content and allows for parental controls, including a screen time timer and pre-selected search settings. “This is the first step toward reimagining YouTube for families,” YouTube explains.

Discover more about YouTube Kids.

4.       Twitter’s ‘While you were away’ hits Android

Twitter’s summary of what a user missed ‘While you were away’ is now effective on Android. The feature that was introduced on iOS last month helps capture top tweets you may not have seen in your newsfeed.

Learn more about Twitter’s While you were away.

5.       Facebook reveals new iPhone app for software designers, Origami

Facebook released the app version of Origami, the primary design tool used to create Facebook Paper, Instagram and Messenger. The app will significantly helps non-coders and software designers to prototype apps without having to write code.

Find out more about Facebook’s Origami reveal.

More on the top five social changes coming up next week. See you then.


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