Platform 5: Important social media changes including Twitter launching Periscope

Recapping Twitter launching Periscope

This week’s most important social media changes including Twitter launching Periscope

What are the major changes in the last seven days and what do they mean?

Despite major changes coming from the F8 Facebook Developer Conference this week, our top social media changes came from the announcement of Twitter launching Periscope being released to the public. Facebook F8 changes included Messenger becoming a platform for developers, and analytics becoming available for apps. Google works on a way to pay bills within gmail and Instagram releases Layout.

1. Twitter launching Periscope

Twitter has launched its live-streaming video app Periscope to the public. The release puts a strain on Meerkat who heavily relies on Twitter for distribution. Periscope is currently only available on iOS.

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2. F8 Facebook Developers Conference announcements

Majority of this week’s social media changes came from the F8 Facebook Developers Conference. We’ve summarised the most influential;

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3. Google working towards payable bills in Gmail

Google is working on a project that will let users receive and pay their bills directly within Gmail, called Pony Express. It is believed to be launched in the fourth quarter and it is not certain if Pony Express will be the market name.

Read more about Pony Express.

4. Instagram releases Layout

There are a number of 3rd party apps to create Instagram collages, but none owned by Instagram itself. Instagram this week released new app Layout that allows users to create quick collages. The app also allows photos to be taken via a timer Photo Booth as well as a Faces option “that shows you all the photos in your camera roll that feature people.” It is currently only available on iOS.

Read more about Layout.

5. Reddit comment threads are embeddable

Reddit now allows comments to be embedded on other sites making it “easy to showcase Reddit comments on your website or blog without having to take screenshots or copy [and] paste long blocks of text.”

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