Review: Google AdWords App for Android and how it can help with your paid promotions


In February 2015, Google announced that it had launched an Android only application for Google AdWords users in Canada. This week the AdWords app has been rolled out internationally, making it available to all Android 4.0 users.

We’ve downloaded the app and trialled it for you, to give you the 5 things that you need to know and how it can assist with a brand’s paid promotion activity.

  1. The ‘companion Google AdWords app’ is extremely user-friendly

While the application doesn’t allow you to create ads from scratch, it’s certainly useful for checking and optimizing paid promotion campaigns on the go. It also integrates well with the Android TalkBack screen feature, allowing users to navigate around the app without the need of visual input.

  1. You can’t see all of your metrics in one view

You can only see some of your metrics, but you do have the option of customizing the columns as a workaround. To do this, toggle to the ‘Campaigns’ view and select ‘Customize Columns’ and click the pencil icon.

  1. You can set notifications

There is a ’Notifications’ functionality, including the ability to set up notifications for when payment options are soon to expire. The notifications also suggest small optimisations that can be made while you’re on the go.

  1. The app doesn’t allow you to access full billing details

Since the Google Adwords app is just a ‘snapshot’ of your account, the app doesn’t allow you to access full settings like user access or full billing details, this still has to be accessed via desktop.

  1. The app will continue to evolve

Google promises that despite the limited column views, there will be additional columns added over time. It’s also worth noting that according to WordStream, 35% of Search/Paid Promotion Marketers use iPhone devices, so the Apple products may have to be considered for future releases.

In short, the Google AdWords app has similar functionality to the Facebook Ads Manager app, allowing you to make all-important optimizations on the go. The obvious downfalls are the limited functionality around accessing billing and additional columns (though the workaround here is customizing columns).

Google is encouraging and responding to much of the app feedback via its review section.

What do you think of the new AdWords app?


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