Platform 5: This week’s most important social media changes including Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger released on the web

This week’s most important social media changes including Facebook Messenger

What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

We’re back after an Easter hiatus with this week’s top five social media changes. This week Facebook Messenger was introduced as a stand-alone browser on the web, Twitter changed ‘quote tweets’ and hints at the possibility of a new search layout, and Google reportedly plans to launch a new search product.

1.       Facebook launches Facebook Messenger on Web

Facebook Messenger is now available on a standalone Facebook Messenger browser on the web on top of being accessible via Facebook. Complete with desktop notifications, the move segregates the Facebook chat experience sheltering users from other Facebook distractions. Will this mean there will be other integrated functionality as well as the Messenger payment system?

Read more about the stand alone Facebook Messenger.

2.       Twitter re-vamps ‘quote tweet’ and possibly changes search layout

Twitter has altered the ‘quote tweet’ function making it easier to add commentary. The function now embeds the entire post being quoted, including images, and is available on desktop and iPhone, coming soon to Android.

Twitter is also possibly working on a newly designed search layout. A revamped search is currently available to a select number of users which includes new tabs to search based on account, popularity, photos, and videos. It’s unclear if the simpler design is expected to be rolled out to all users or is just a Twitter experiment.

Read more about Twitter’s new ‘quote tweet’ and the possible new Twitter search layout.

3.       Google launching new search product

Google is reportedly planning to launch a search product that will connect users to local services. Built into Google search with support from AdWords, the product will allegedly predict search and pair users with a relevant location specific service.

Read more about the new Google search product.

4.       Facebook begins WhatsApp integration

The newest Android app version of Facebook (v allows users to share content directly via WhatsApp. The feature, only available to a selection of testers, appears as a ‘send’ button alongside the ‘like’, ‘comment’ and ‘share’ below a post on Facebook.

Read more about Facebook WhatsApp integration.

5. Google patent to block spoilers on social media

A new Google patent aims to block posts that reveal information on TV shows, books or movies that users aren’t ready to view.  Content that contains spoilers will be blurred with a pop up a warning message asking if the user wants to read the post. Users will also have the option to flag something they are posting contains spoilers. It’s unclear if this will be used across Google + or other social platforms.

Read more about the new Google spoiler patent.

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