Platform 5: This week’s most important social media changes

LinkedIn purchasing Lynda.com

This week’s most important social media changes including LinkedIn purchasing Lynda.com

We review what’s changed in the last seven days and what it means

LinkedIn made two big moves this week purchasing Lynda.com and announcing new content-sharing app Elevate. Foursquare launched location-based targeting through Pinpoint, and Twitter rolled out a new home page giving non-users a better insight into platform features.

Let’s dive in…

1.       LinkedIn purchasing Lynda.com

LinkedIn purchasing Lynda.com they spent $1.5B for online training company. The partnership, paid for in a combination of cash and stock, aims to help professionals on the platform accelerate careers by allowing access to the subscribed site which houses a library of technical tutorials across a number of subjects.

Read more about LinkedIn’s purchase of Lynda.

2.      Linkedin announces Elevate app

Linkedin will launch content sharing app Elevate, aimed at employees later this year. The app aims to encourage employees to share content from companies they work for as employees are “responsible for about 20 percent of the overall [LinkedIn] engagement” according to LinkedIn product manager Will Sun. Elevate will include analytics tools to highlight how sharing content creates website and sales leads, as well as an increase in hires. Content will be shareable on Twitter and LinkedIn. Elevate is currently available via invitation only but will be available on iOS, Android, and desktop soon.

Read more about Linkedin Elevate.

3.      Foursquare launches Pinpoint

Foursquare is utilising their rich location data launching ad targeting platform – Pinpoint. Advertisers will be able to use Pinpoint to target ads to desktop, mobile and tablet using Foursquare data. Launch partners include Google, Turn and Drawbridge, AT&T, Coors Light, Wild Turkey, FedEx, Jaguar Land Rover, Samsung Galaxy and Choice Hotels.

Read more about Foursquare launching Pinpoint.

4.       Twitter rolls out new home page

Twitter has revamped their home page to attract non-Twitter and logged-out Twitter users. The new home page includes a number of clickable trending topics such as Politics and Pop Artists that take users to a timeline of relevant tweets without logging in. “It’s rich real-time content, just like the Twitter experience for users who log in,” Twitter explains. The feature is available currently in the US and will roll out elsewhere soon.

Read more about Twitter’s new home page. 

5.      Instagram introduces post notifications

In the latest instagram update on Android and iOS, the platform now includes post notifications allowing users to receive push notifications when their selected favourite accounts post. This is a great opportunity for brands to keep their true advocates updated.

Read more about Instagram’s post notifications.

We’ll return next week with more top five social media changes. Read past posts here.


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