Important social media changes including news feed algorithm changes

news feed algorithm changes

This week’s most important social media changes including news feed algorithm changes from Facebook

A deeper look at what’s changed in the last seven days and what it means

Along with Facebook announcing news feed algorithm changes, this week also saw a number of social media changes from Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. Twitter made a shift to better support video, and Pinterest added search features and verified accounts.

1. Twitter autoplays video, GIFs & Vines

Twitter has switched to autoplaying videos, GIFs and Vines by default. The autoplay feature allows videos to play automatically without volume when a user scrolls past it, and are now displayed in a larger format. Similar to Facebook and Instagram, a video can be tapped to display full screen.  In addition, Twitter will only charge advertisers for promoted video views when a video is in 100% full screen view and has been watched for at least 3 seconds. The change has already occurred for web users and iOS, with Android soon to follow.

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2. Facebook News Feed algorithm changes

Facebook is altering it’s News Feed to take into account the time people spend digesting content, in addition to tangible actions such as likes, comments and shares. Facebook has acknowledged the amount of time spent on a story is a significant measure of what information a user chooses to intake, regardless if they do not like, share, or comment on the story.

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3. Google announces YouTube Gaming

Google have announced they will be releasing an app – YouTube Gaming – a home of best videos about popular games, gamers and live streams. The app will also offer the unique feature to follow games. YouTube gaming is expected to rival live streaming app Twitch. YouTube Gaming will be available in the US and UK in July.

Read more about Google’s YouTube Gaming.

4. Pinterest enhances search features

Pinterest have improved their search functionality, adding enhanced suggestions, trending searches and verified accounts. When a user begins typing in the search box, common suggestions will populate. Search filters will also be available once a user taps or clicks into results. This will allow users to switch between boards, users (who have a red tick next to their name if they are verified accounts) or pins.

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5. Twitter alters Direct Message character limit

Twitter will remove the 140 character limit for direct messages to a 10k character limit. Although the exact date has not been revealed, the change is expected to occur in July. The 140 character limit for regular tweets will remain.

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