Important changes including changes to social media advertising

social media advertising

This week’s most important changes including big social media advertising changes

Here’s a closer look at what’s changed in the last seven days

Social media advertising changes from Instagram and Pinterest were made this week – Instagram adding Call-To-Action buttons and Pinterest announcing Buyable Pins. YouTube adds another layer of insights for music artists, and Google+ get’s bumped off the homepage.

Let’s get into the top social media changes of the week…

1. Instagram adds Call-To-Action buttons

One of the first changes to social media advertising came from Instagram with ad-targeting updated with the addition of Call-To-Action buttons including ‘Shop Now’ and ‘Install Now’. Sponsored posts will become more relevant, adopting Facebook-like targeting within the coming months. The new feature is open to a select group of Facebook Marketing Partners and agencies, with plans to expand globally soon.

Read more about Instagram’s stronger Call-To-Action buttons and ad changes.

2. Pinterest announces Buyable Pins

Another change to social media advertising features can be seen over at Pinterest. Buyable Pins are coming soon to Pinterest, a feature which allows a direct purchase to be made from clicking a pin with a blue price. The new function is an extension of Rich Pins which allows a website to include a URL and product details for crawlers. The feature will first be launched with big US retailers including Macys and Nordstrom. The feature will be rolled out on iOS only within the coming weeks.

Read more about Pinterest’s Buyable Pins

3. Periscope update includes Map View

Periscope users will be able to see a global map showing where videos are live. Rather than selecting from a feed, users will be able to open a map and click video broadcasting hotspots.

Read more about Periscope Map View.

4. Facebook supports GIFs

The Facebook newsfeed now supports GIFs on personal pages but not brand pages. Simply paste a link into a status update and the video will autoplay. As well as the addition of GIFs, some Facebook page administrators have noticed their notifications are being broken down into categories – all, likes, shares, comments and other, as well as Facebook measuring administrators response rates.

Read more about Facebook supporting GIFs and stay tuned for more official news on Facebook notification categories and response rates.

5. Google pushes Google+ off homepage

Google have removed a direct link to Google+ from its homepage. In order to access a Google+ account, users now need to click on the apps icon rather than clicking their previously hyperlinked name on the top right of the home screen. As well as this, Google have also increased users’ privacy controls by rolling all privacy settings into a new website – My Account.

Read more about Google removing Google+ from their homepage.

We return next week with new top 5 social media changes. Enjoy the public holiday Australia!

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