Important social media changes including the Facebook dislike button

facebook dislike button

This week’s most important social media changes

A look at what’s changed in the last seven days

Welcome to this week’s Platform 5 – your weekly pitstop of the top 5 changes in the content marketing and social media space – including a look at the Facebook dislike button.

This week has been somewhat video focused with Periscope heading towards Apple TV and Facebook working on a 360-degree video app. Facebook have announced a ‘dislike’ button, while Twitter rollout ‘buy now’ buttons for all.

1. Facebook reportedly planning 360-degree video app

Facebook are reportedly building a 360-degree standalone video app, allowing users to fully explore the virtual world. Much like Google Maps, users will be able to control which angle they view from any perspective. With videos booming on Facebook, and the company’s first commercial virtual reality headset being readied for the start of 2016, which is around the same time that Oculus VR is to be released. If this goes ahead, we predict that auto, travel and fashion brands will benefit the most from a 360-degree video app – letting consumers explore.

Read more about Facebook’s reported 360-degree video app.

2. Periscope to join Apple TV

Periscope is creating an app for the next generation Apple set-top box. This would mean that Periscope, which has recently seen high usage rates at NYFW, would bring content to larger screens, not just mobile devices. It is likely that more brands will join the 10 million current subscribers to deliver more timely content to their audiences.

Read more about Periscope joining Apple TV.

3. Twitter rolls out ‘buy now’ buttons

Twitter has rolled out ‘buy now’ functionality to all users who want to sell via a tweet. Third parties Relay and Stripe have created a more seamless purchase experience, which means users needn’t leave the app to purchase, simplifying mobile purchases and putting the consumer first. The ‘buy now’ option for brands certainly has an interesting play in the market, especially for those who do not sell direct to consumer and rely on a number of outlets to sell their products.

Read more about the rollout of Twitter’s buy now buttons.

4. Facebook to introduce ‘dislike’ button

The full specifics of Facebook’s ‘dislike’ button have not been confirmed, but will be introduced in instances where a greater level of empathy needs to be employed. For example, in response to a status update on the loss of a family member as ‘not every comment is a good comment,’ explains Zuckerberg. The ‘dislike’ button won’t work in the same way as Reddit where users up or down vote a particular post.

Read more about Facebook’s dislike button.

5. Pinterest targets Google search budgets

In the last 7 days, Pinterest announced that it wants to go after marketers search budgets. The platform argues that users don’t just come to the platform to discover content, they come to the platform to search for content, much like Google. That said, Pinterest have a battle on their hands when it comes to showing value on the same level as Google. According to eMarketer estimates, Google controls 72% of all search ad spends, which means marketers will need to be convinced when it comes to the value of the platform vs Google.

Read more about Pinterest’s paid promotion positioning.

We return next week with another top five social media changes. Head over to our Thinking Section for previous posts.


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