Platform 5: This week’s most important social media changes (edition 34)

The top 5 social media changes of the week

This week’s most important social media changes including news feed videos from Facebook

Let’s look at what’s changed in the last seven days and what it means.

Welcome to this week’s Platform 5 – your weekly wrap of the top five changes in the content marketing and social media space – with an emphasis on news feed videos from Facebook.

Let’s dive in.

This week, video strikes back as Facebook debuts 360-degree News Feed videos with this amazing Star Wars video. Pinterest allows developers to start building and publishing Pinterest apps and integrations, and more partners join Facebook’s Instant Articles.

1. Facebook brings news feed videos with 360-degree video

Last week, we reported that Facebook was planning a 360-degree video app. This week, it has been confirmed – Facebook has collaborated with Oculus to bring 360-degree videos to the News Feed. The videos will debut on Android and web, and will allow users to select the angle they view the video by tapping the screen. Brands including GoPro, Discovery and VICE are some of the first publishers to share 360-degree videos. The feature will roll out to iOS in the coming months.

Read more about Facebook’s 360-degree News Feed video.

2. Pinterest welcomes developers to build apps

Pinterest have opened their developer sandbox, welcoming developers to build apps and integrations within Pinterest. Developers now have access to the Pinterest API that allows apps with strong call-to-actions to drive people to websites, Pinterest also provided their own sample app. An app must be submitted for review before it can be launched.

Read more about Pinterest welcoming developers to build apps.

3. More Facebook Instant Articles partners

Facebook have announced an additional 20 partners to their Instant Articles feature introduced in May. These partners include The Bleacher Report, Mashable, The Daily Mail, and The Washington Post who will dedicate all of their content to Instant Articles. As well as adding to the Instant Articles partnership list, Facebook also provided a look into how publishers create their Instant Articles.

Read more about Facebook’s additional Instant Articles partners.

4. Facebook’s new page layout

Facebook’s new page layout is currently being rolled out to a select group of pages. The new timeline design features smaller profile pictures, shifted page tab views, and more visible call-to-action buttons. These tweaks are an attempt to make Facebook pages more call-to-action focused.

Read more about Facebook’s new page layout.

5. Facebook updates Mentions app

Facebook have expanded the capabilities of their Mentions app, adding the ability to track mentions about their article even if not mentioned by name. Authors implement an author tag on their website that connects their Facebook profile or page, and tracks mentions. This allows for a better audience understanding. The app is only available to verified profiles.

Read more about Facebook updating Mention.

Back again next week with another top five social media changes. Our Thinking section links to all our latest updates.


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