Platform 5 (Double Edition): This week’s most important social media changes (edition 74)


This week’s 5 10 most important social media changes

What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

It’s been a big week for changes on social media so this week’s Platform 5 features 10 of the most important updates across the board.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

Twitter announces the end of Vine

Vine, the video sharing platform brought out by Twitter, has been discontinued. Viewers can still continue to access published content the Twitter will be discontinuing the app and platform.

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Verified Facebook profiles receive ad revenue

Facebook will allow verified profiles to receive ad revenue from sponsored posts. Verified profiles will now be able to share brand content including sponsored text posts, photos, videos and more.

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Microsoft’s Skype app receives redesign

Microsoft is releasing a redesigned Skype app on iOS and Android making it more mobile-friendly. New features include single-tap access to make video or calls much easier.

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WhatsApp releases video calling

Updates to WhatsApp will introduce video calling along with text and voice calls. In the first update it will only be available to Android handsets and iOS users will have to wait.

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Windows 10 Facebook app to have voice and video calls

A new update to the Windows 10 Facebook app will allow users to use voice and video calls. A phone icon in the corner opens up new access to call contacts.

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Instagram may launch live video streaming

Instagram may be looking to launch a live video streaming feature on the content sharing platform. ‘Go Insta’ may give the option of live and scheduled streaming, but full details are yet to be revealed.

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Instant Articles gain access to additional features

Facebook publishers will now be able to create more visually immersive Instant Articles with the 360-degree video and photo feature. The update also includes faster loading times, options for revenue and embedded features.

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Instagram now available on Windows 10 tablets

Instagram has been released on Windows 10 tablets after recently being available on Windows 10 mobile. All features will be available directly through the app.

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Facebook Live to have scheduling

Facebook is releasing a scheduling feature for broadcasting Live videos, initially only available to verified pages. General users will gain access in the coming weeks.

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LinkedIn launching Company  Pages

Linked in is about to launch Company Pages, a feature with a new design, a dedicated admin and management page and an expanded analytics dashboard. New information on this will be announced by LinkedIn soon and early access is available by invite only.

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