This week’s most important social media changes


What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Upload portrait & landscape to Instagram’s galleries, Polygram reads your facial expressions, Wattpad launches Raccoon and Facebook has more fresh updates.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

Landscape & potrait images in Instagram galleries

Instagram has started rolling out a new update that will allow users to include portrait and landscape images alongside square content in galleries. All images in the gallery will need to be the same type which has been done to ensure a consistent experience, meaning there won’t be mixed image sizes in a single gallery.

Learn more about recent updates to Instagram here.

Facebook to block ads for fake new Pages

Facebook continues their assault on fake news with their latest changes. Pages that share inaccurate or fabricated content will have their ability to create ads removed. After a link has been marked as disputed (based on the external content) it will no longer have the option of paid promotion. Additionally, regular offenders may not be able to buy ads at all.

Read more about Facebook’s fight against fake news here.

React to content with facial expressions on Polygram

Introducing a new social network to the mix. Polygram is an image-based social media platform that uses AI to recognise facial expressions as reactions to content. It will then tell you results, such as how many smiles or frowns your photo has received. The app has recently launched on iOS.

Find out more about Polygram here.

Facebook has new ways of celebrating milestones

The social media platform is releasing a suite of new features for visiting memories and older content. To start, Facebook will start to include past posts into regular sharing prompts, particularly focussed around seasons or events. The content will be shown privately until you want to share it, similar to the ‘On This Day’ prompts.

Read more about Facebook memories here.

Wattpad releases video storytelling app Raccoon

Lesser known social and story sharing platform Wattpad has launched a new app ‘Raccoon’, a platform for telling stories using video rather than text. Similar to YouTube vloggers, the storytellers will upload a variaty of video content with the aim to entertain and inspire viewers. Content can be liked and shared but does not yet allow comments.

Learn more about Raccoon here.

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