This week’s most important social media changes


What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Snapchat releases Context Cards, Facebook testing paywalls, screenshare streaming, launching Explore Feed & looking towards a job network in Marketplace.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

Context Cards give Snapchat richer info

A new feature in Snapchat allows users to discover more details about a photo. Context Cards give more details to snaps, including phone numbers, operating hours of a venue, reviews, menus, quick links and search results. Now you can book dinner at the same place you saw that amazing meal directly from Snapchat!

Read more about Snapchat’s Context Cards here.

Facebook to test subscriptions and paywalls

Instant Articles may soon see one of two types of paid access models for Instant Article content. A metered model that allows users to access 10 free stories per month before prompted to subscribe and a freemium subscription where non-subscribers will be prompted with paywalls allowing subscribers to choose which content to lock. Currently the feature is only in a test phase.

Read more about paywalls on Facebook here.

Screenshare with 3rd-party plugins on Facebook Live

Now users of Facebook Live can share their screen without having to use third-party software. The latest update includes a plugin giving users the option of broadcasting their desktop screen to viewers. You will still need to download the plugin and ensure your browser is up-to-date. The new setting can be found in the Live settings.

Read more about the features of screensharing on Facebook Live here.

Facebook Explore feed released to all devices

Facebook has finished testing on the Explore Feed and released it to all mobile and desktop browsers. Explore works similar to Discover on other platforms, aiding in finding new content and people via one main location. Content will use your current data to serve public profiles and pages you may be interested in but aren’t yet connected with. It will also show content that is popular with your friends.

Read more about the Explore Feed on Facebook here.

New resume feature being tested on Facebook

A newly discovered feature on Facebook would allow users to add a resume, possibly suggesting the company is looking to add a job market to their social media platform. Additionally, Facebook has confirmed a feature called ‘work histories’ is in the testing pipeline. The idea will be to form a LinkedIn-style competitor system where users can locate and apply for jobs directly within Facebook.

Read more about the new feature here.

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