This week’s most important social media changes

Kamber Content Marketing and Social Media Agency – Blog – Platform Five – Dec 1 2017

What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

New engagement on Twitter, Snapchat releases ‘Computer Vision’ and Facebook’s busy testing Messenger Broadcast and selfie verification.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

Selfie verification

After last week unveiling Trust Indicators to provide greater transparency around publishers, Facebook is this week focusing on verification of users, with revelations it’s testing a verification tool that would ask you to upload a photo that clearly shows your face. The objective – to prove you’re not a bot and limit suspiciouos activity on the platform.

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Twitter testing new engagement

The platform is testing a feature that re-frames engagement as a single ‘talking about’ statistic which combines retweets and replies. No word on if or when this will roll out broadly to global Twitter user base.

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Facebook testing Messenger Broadcast

Businesses could soon have a way to send out a mass message to users via Facebook as it tests Messenger Broadcast. Messages will only be ‘broadcast’ to those ho have already started a message conversation with the brand – no word on if or when this will roll out more widely beyond the test.

More here.

Snapchat ‘computer vision’

Snapchat is now using its ‘computer vision’ to recognise what’s in your snap and serve suggested filters accordingly. For now, the feature is active across popular snap categories including food, pets and sports.

Read more about ‘computer vision’ here.

Facebook Messenger Virtual Politician

A bot of a different kind – Facebook Messenger has introduced SAM, its first AI Virtual Politician, in New Zealand. The chat bot is accessible to anyone from anywhere and will give users a summary of political policies and debates when asked. Introducing the politician of the future!

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