This week’s most important social media changes

Kamber Content Marketing and Social Media Agency – Blog – Platform Five – Feb 23 2018

What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Facebook’s working in new dimensions to bring us closer to VR, Instagram is taking a page out of Snapchat’s book, meanwhile, Google is taking AMP stories to the open web.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

Facebook’s making it easier to create and share 3D posts

Facebook is expanding its newsfeed into another dimension by making it easier to create and share 3D posts on the platform. While nothing can replace the ability to touch and feel an object in store, this could open new doors for businesses looking for better ways to showcase their product.

More from Facebook here.

Instagram now tells others when you screenshot their stories

Taking a page out of Snapchat’s book, Instagram is rolling out testing that allows users to see when someone screenshots their story. The feature is designed to let users know if their content might be reused by others – but not everyone is happy about the change.

More here.

AMP stories: Google’s new visual storytelling format

Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) stories are fully immersive, interactable stories that deliver information through images and videos. Google is the latest to jump on the stories bandwagon behind Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. AMP stories were built for mobile but Google has added support for desktop, allowing users to view and share content across different types of devices.

More from Google here.

Snapchat redesign here to stay

Despite receiving negative feedback in 83% of user reviews, CEO Evan Spiegel says the redesign is here to stay and people just need to “get used to it”. Snapchat is looking to make additional tweaks to the update which may ease user concerns.

More details here.

Twitter’s going back to basics with advertising

Twitter is changing their tactics for 2018 to encourage more users and advertisers to come to the platform. They’re working to move from product-first thinking to people first thinking.

Read more detail on Twitter’s blog.

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