This week’s most important social media changes

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What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

There’s a lot happening with Facebook and Instagram this week following Facebook’s F8 Developers conference and Snapchat is seeing the effects of the user backlash over the app redesign.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

Facebook announces a dating feature to help you meet non-friends

Could this be the end for Tinder? Facebook announced that they will introduce a new dating feature that will let people opt in to create a Facebook dating profile. Facebook will then match you with people based on the data it has about you.

Would you give it a try? All the details here.

Instagram is testing more new features

The Instagram platform seems to be ever-changing these days. Five new features are currently being tested across the platform including slow motion, story reactions and the ability to mute profiles.

Read about all the changes here.

Facebook is rolling out the Downvote button to more users

It seems like its been forever since users first asked Mark Zuckerberg for an unlike button to accompany the like button. Facebook is now reportedly rolling out the upvote/downvote option to more users around the globe. This sounds like a win for users but could this new function cause more headaches for companies relying on organic reach?

Find out all the details here.

Snapchat’s user growth is slowing

In light of the backlash Snapchat received from users about their new design, it comes as no surprise that Snapchat has seen their user growth rate take a hit compared to Q4 last year.

Find out more here.

Facebook is changing the game for Nonprofits

Facebook is trying to bring the conversation back to the good that they’re doing in the world so they’re giving their fundraising tools an upgrade. They’ve added more categories for you to choose from when setting up your fundraiser, the ability to match donations and made it fee-free.

Read more info here.

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