This week’s most important social media changes

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What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Data security and transparency is on everyone’s minds this week as the EU General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect today but there were some exciting features added to Instagram this week.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

You can now mute profiles on Instagram

There’s now a new way to customise your Instagram feed. Users can now mute profiles they follow but selecting the option from the menu in the corner of a post or directly from their profile. Could this help users retain followers?

Read the update from Instagram here.

Facebook is tackling fake news head on

In a 12 minute video, Facebook has explained some of their backend processes, addressed the issue of fake news and outlined the new measures that will help provide greater transparency for Newsfeed. Will these new measures be effective?

Decide for yourself, all the latest updates can be found on Facebook’s blog post.

New badges to be rolled out on Twitter

Transparency is an issue that any social media platform faces. Twitter is trying to bring more clarity to their site by labelling all political candidates with badges that identify them as such. The labels will appear on the profile page and any tweet that candidates send out.

More details about the change here.

Instagram launches the ability to re-share user posts in stories

Found something inspiring on your Instagram feed that you want to share with your followers? Now you can share any Instagram post from your feed direct to your story as a sticker. The original poster’s details will be automatically included so everyone will be properly credited for their images.

Find out how it all works here.

Facebook two-factor authentification is being streamlined

Two-factor authentification protects your Facebook account. When it is enabled, any login from a new device needs to be verified before the platform can be accessed. Facebook has streamlined the setup process to make it simpler for users to enable on their accounts.

Find all the details here.

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