This week’s most important social media changes

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What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Instagram has officially launched their IGTV, Snapchat added new features to their Snap Map, and Facebook has introduced a paid subscription model for groups.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

Instagram launches IGTV

Until now, Instagram has had a 60 second limit on videos. The launch if IGTV has changed that. IGTV is targeted at digital natives (those who weren’t brought up with traditional TV) and allows videos to be as long as 60 minutes.

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Facebook introduces a paid subscription model for groups

Facebook groups are now being used by over one billion Facebook users. A new feature is now being added to allow selected groups to set up an ongoing monthly subscription fee that would allow its users to access sub-groups that offer exclusive content. Subscriptions range from $4.99USD to $29.99USD.

More information here.

Instagram has stopped notifying people when you screenshot their stories

Back in February, Instagram started testing story screenshot notifications. Four months later, the company has announced that they will not be rolling out the feature and they have rolled back the test.

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Snapchat adds new features to Snap Map

This week Snapchat has announced some new additions to the Snap Map which could be useful for users when they’re headed out to meet friends. ‘Weather effects’ adds animation over a friends Bitmoji based on what the weather is like at their current location. It’s a fairly minor addition and oddly timed given Instagram’s announcement but time will tell if it’s a success or not.

Find out more about other new features here.

Twitter purchases anti-abuse technology provider

Smyte, founded by former Google and Instagram engineers, offers tools that help to stop abuse, harassment and spam online. The company was acquired by Twitter this week in the hope that it could be the answer to reducing or stopping the trolls, bots and spam that has been a problem for the platform for a while now.

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