This week’s most important social media changes

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What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Stories ads are now available on Facebook, LinkedIn launched their Talent Insights platform and Twitter is asking for group feedback on their policy changes.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

Facebook has introduced Facebook and Messenger Stories ads

No one can deny that Stories have become hugely popular, with Facebook and Instagram Stories now having over 700million DAU between them. Instagram Stories ads were rolled out last year and now Facebook has announced that Facebook Stories ads have been rolled out to all advertisers.

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Twitter is now asking everyone for feedback on their policy changes

Twitter is changing the way they create their use of service policy. Previously, they’ve followed their own company development process which included taking input from their Trust and Safety Council and various experts. Now they’re going to add one more opinion to the mix, their users.

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LinkedIn has launched their Talent Insights platform

Launched in beta last year, the LinkedIn Talent Insights platform is designed to help employers improve hiring and recruitment efforts. The platform has now launched officially and gives employers access to the wealth of data from their 575 million strong user base and can help answer questions like “which companies am I losing recruits to?

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Facebook Pages can now join Facebook Groups

A new setting has been added to Facebook Groups that gives admins the ability to choose whether or not Facebook Pages can request to join the group as members. Until now, only individuals could join Facebook groups which caused an issue for some public figures, publishers and charities.

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A Twitter API bug may have shared data with unauthorised app developers

Some data, including direct messages that users have had with companies, may have been shared to unauthorised app developers thanks to a bug in the Twitter API. The bug has now been fixed and Twitter has confirmed that less than 1% of their users have been impacted.

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