This week’s most important social media updates


What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

LinkedIn introduces new tools to help engage employees, Reddit launches a Snapchat content sharing integration and Facebook launches its holiday marketing guide.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

LinkedIn adds three new tools to help companies engage employees

Three new tools have been introduced by LinkedIn to help companies build better communities with their employees. The new features are Employee notifications, Kudos and Team Moments, and Completion meter.

Find out more about the features and how you can use them here.

Facebook Launches a holiday marketing guide 

The holiday season is closer than you think. If you haven’t thought about your holiday content then you probably should. Facebook has made it a little bit easier for you by introducing a new holiday marketing guide for 2019 that will help you tailor your advertising according to their global data.

You can read the guide here.

Pinterest and Twitter are testing Reactions

Twitter and Pinterest are jumping on the Reaction bandwagon. Pinterest has newly introduced emoji reactions to group boards but is taking it a step further this week by testing reactions for videos. Twitter, on the other hand, is testing emoji reactions for direct messages.

Find out more about the update from Pinterest and Twitter here.

Instagram adds new options to control third-party information access

Third-party platforms usually get access to user account information through offering a service that requires you to connect or link to Instagram, like apps that allow you to print your photos. Instagram is making it easier for users to identify and remove apps they’re no longer using by introducing an ‘Apps and Websites’ section in the security settings.

Learn more about the feature here.

Reddit launches content sharing integration with Snapchat

Reddit isn’t as widely used as other platforms which makes it easier for content to be used and reshared without permission or providing credit to the original source because there’s limited chance people will know where it’s come from. Reddit’s newest integration will Snapchat will help stop that. The content sharing sticker allows users to share from Reddit to Snapchat and will link back to the original post.

Find out more here.


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