In this week’s Platform Five: You can now schedule Tweets natively


What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Instagram rolls out IGTV ads, Facebook’s NPE team launches CatchUp and Twitter rolls out a native Tweet scheduler.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

You can now schedule Tweets natively

Up until this week, Twitter users had to schedule Tweets using Tweetdeck or another third-party platform. Now, users can save a draft or schedule a Tweet right within the native Tweet composer.

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Instagram rolls out IGTV ads

Instagram has announced that ads are coming to IGTV with the revenue to be shared with creators. According to Instagram, the ads will be 15 seconds long and will be built for mobile. The ads could appear as early as next week.

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Facebook launches CatchUp

Facebook’s NPE team has launched a new experimental app called CatchUp, designed to let users know when their friends are available for voice conversations. According to the Facebook NPE team, one of the many reasons people don’t call more frequently is because they don’t know when people are available to talk. CatchUp is designed to eliminate that fear and make group calls easier.

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Instagram is testing a new Stories feed layout

Instagram is testing another potential layout for Stories. This time it’s a double-story Stories feed. The latest test shows Instagram is trialling two rows of Stories which will allow users to access more Stories faster.

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Facebook announces 15 new Blueprint courses

Facebook has launched 15 new Blueprint courses which cover the fundamentals of bringing a business online. Like all Blueprint courses, the lessons are free to access and according to Facebook are

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