In this week’s Platform Five: Instagram launches new ‘Professional Dashboard’


What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Instagram launches ‘Professional Dashboard’ to help creators generate more income, TikTok launches new ‘Creator Portal’ and Twitter gets a makeover which embraces imperfection.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

Instagram launches new ‘Professional Dashboard’

Building a following on Instagram isn’t always easy. That’s why – as part of their commitment to supporting creators and small businesses – Instagram is introducing a ‘Professional Dashboard’, for all users to access professional resources and tools in one central location.

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Twitter gets a makeover which embraces imperfection

Five years since its last brand upgrade, Twitter has emerged with a new look – one that embraces imperfections and attempts to capture the complex interactions the platform is renowned for.

Check out the new look here.

TikTok launches new ‘Creator Portal’ education platform

With TikTok forecasted to reach 1.2 billion users this year, it’s no surprise that brands and creators alike are working to boost their in-app presence. Introducing, ‘Creator Portal’, an education platform aimed at helping creators maximise their efforts with a range of tips and guides.

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Twitter tackles misinformation with the launch of Birdwatch

On Tuesday, Twitter announced the launch of Birdwatch, “a community-driven approach to addressing misleading information.” This approach allows users to add notes to Tweets perceived to be misleading in the hope of amplifying different voices, correcting, and adding nuance to conversations.

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Facebook explains News Feed algorithms

Facebook’s tech team and newsroom released a short video breaking down the complex algorithms that predict what users want to see on their News Feeds. The video emphasises that to push content on Facebook, it’s imperative to know your audience and what they value and to deliver that value.

Read more and watch it here.


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