In this week’s Platform Five: Facebook announces a reduction in political content in News Feeds


What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

TikTok introduces plans for new eCommerce integrations, Facebook announces a reduction of political content in News Feeds, and Twitter explores new tweet subscription options.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

TikTok introduces plans for new eCommerce integrations

While TikTok continues to grow exponentially, its monetisation tools and options remain underdeveloped compared to more established platforms like YouTube and Facebook. The platform is now looking to integrate more eCommerce options to build a “more direct connection between creators and monetisation opportunities.” TikTok has presently briefed advertisers on three new integrations.

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Facebook announces reduction on political content in News Feeds

On Wednesday, Facebook announced the launch of a new test which will reduce political content in News Feeds after users expressed concerns “about the impacts of divisive political debates on the platform.” Facebook has made it clear that it will not completely remove political content, rather change how it is ranked in News Feeds to promote better engagement and interactions between users.

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Twitter explores new tweet subscription options

Twitter is looking to boost revenue opportunities by exploring paid tweet subscriptions. There are several ideas currently under consideration – including ‘tipping’ users for exclusive content – all of which aim to reduce the reliance on ads and provide top users with more incentive to tweet more often.

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TikTok adds new recipe integration

Another example of how TikTok is working to provide more monetisation options for creators is the platform’s new recipe integration. Partnering with recipe app Whisk, TikTok is allowing “creators of food videos to post a link to the relevant recipe, which is then overlaid on the video clip via a ‘See full recipe’ CTA.” While Whisk is the extent of the linking options for now, TikTok could soon facilitate even more.

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Twitter improves data tracking options for website click and App Install campaigns

Twitter’s improved website tag offering will provide first-party data to measure “campaign attribution and response” as opposed to using cookie attribution. This comes with additional improvements on conversion optimisation modelling, Website Card format, and App Install campaigns.

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