In this week’s Platform Five: Facebook bans news content in Australia


What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Facebook bans news content in Australia, TikTok introduces a new education portal, and LinkedIn is developing a new support framework for content creators.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

Facebook bans news content in Australia

Early Thursday morning, Facebook announced a ban on news content in Australia. This comes after an ongoing disagreement between the federal government and tech giants like Google and Facebook over the proposed News Media Bargaining Code.

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TikTok introduces new education portal

TikTok has made it clear in recent weeks that they are working on broadening their monetisation opportunities for creators. The latest development is a new education portal called ‘TikTok Shop: Seller University.’  The ‘University’ is a training hub to help creators do business on TikTok, offering them “a full suite of lessons on seller tools, policies and the latest updates to the shop.” Eventually, the portal will help creators sell products on TikTok in a range of ways.

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LinkedIn is developing a new support framework for content creators

LinkedIn has launched the first stages of a new plan to offer content creators a support framework. Through the framework, LinkedIn hopes to create new advertising and promotional opportunities through some of the apps most influential users. For individuals, they could partner with brands, further their professional profile and monetise it. For brands, they could extend their reach and resonance by partnering with influencers within their niche.

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Facebook expands Climate Science Information Center

Facebook’s expansion of their Climate Science Information Center includes expanding availability to 12 more countries and adding a new section which features facts that debunk common climate myths. The platform is also testing new alert prompts on posts about climate change “which aim to better educate users about the impacts, and subsequent the need for action.” The alerts are like those introduced during the US election and will direct users to credible climate information in the Climate Science Information Center.

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Twitter launches live tests of voice recordings in DMs

With the rise of audio social network Clubhouse, audio is fast becoming a trendy way to create content. Twitter is tapping into this with the launch of voice recordings in DMs. This is also a way for Twitter to improve their accessibility for vision-impaired users and remove language barriers in multi-lingual regions. For brands, they could “record fun or informational audio clips that can be used to reply to common customer queries.”

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