In this week’s Platform Five: Instagram announces Stories drafts


What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Instagram announces Stories drafts, Twitter is looking to improve DM search features, and Facebook bids farewell to Facebook Watch Party.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

Instagram announces that Stories drafts are coming soon

On Tuesday, Instagram announced that users will soon be able to save Stories as drafts. The new option aims to provide more flexibility and will be beneficial for brands to post their content at relevant times for their audience.

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Twitter is looking to improve DM search features

“Updated message search capacity” appears to be the focus of Twitter DM improvements. Set to launch in May, the platform could soon allow users to search messages by message content, rather than just by username.

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Say goodbye to Facebook Watch Party

On April 16, Facebook will remove its Watch Party feature. A popular way to remain connected during the pandemic, the feature allowed people to host and watch videos with their friends through Facebook.

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Facebook tests new ‘Green Screen’ creation option for Stories

Facebook isn’t the first platform to expand its creative options within Stories. However, the new feature could encourage more users and brands to consider Facebook Stories as part of their content mix, especially given its top of feed placement.

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Facebook’s developing a new app to help former prisoners reintegrate into society

For some time, Facebook has signalled that it wants to address inequity by providing more tools for marginalised communities. While the new app is only in internal development, it reveals where Facebook is focused and how it might bridge these inequities.

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