In this week’s Platform Five: Clubhouse adds direct creator payments


What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Clubhouse adds direct payments to creators, Facebook launches a new Clubhouse-inspired app, and Snapchat advances its eCommerce efforts.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

Clubhouse adds direct creator payments

As more established platforms tap into the audio space, Clubhouse is working to keep their top broadcasters on the app. ‘Payments’ is Clubhouse’s first direct payment process, enabling users to show support to their favourite hosts by sending them payments.

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Facebook launches test of new Clubhouse-inspired app

On Wednesday, Facebook launched a test of ‘Hotline’. It is a web-based app that includes many engagements features similar to what you would find on Clubhouse. The main difference being users have the ability to add visual and text elements such as optional video streaming.

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Snapchat advances its eCommerce efforts

Snapchat is looking to integrate its newest acquisition, Screenshop, into its broader eCommerce efforts. Screenshop is a fashion orientated app that has the ability to scan images saved to Memories and highlight relevant products based on users’ styles.

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Pinterest announces Creator Fund and launches Creator Code

Pinterest’s first-ever $500k (USD) funding program, ‘Creator Fund’ will provide financial support to creators from underrepresented communities. As well as this, the new ‘Creator Code’ outlines mandatory guidelines for creators to accept when posting Story Pins.

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TikTok adds new auto-captions feature

The new feature aims to improve accessibility, enabling creators to “switch on automated text overlays for their uploads.” TikTok will also allow creators to edit the auto-captions to improve accuracy for users.

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