In this week’s Platform Five: TikTok adds new ‘Shoutouts’ option


What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

TikTok adds new ‘Shoutouts’ option, Facebook is testing a new ‘Threads’ option, and Twitter is testing new audience controls on Tweets.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

TikTok adds new ‘Shoutouts’ option

The new ‘Shoutouts’ feature “enables fans to pay to have platform stars send them a personalised video message.” The feature comes as TikTok works hard to keep up with rising competition and retain its top creators.

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Facebook is testing a new ‘Threads’ option

The new ‘Threads’ option “would provide a means to bolt on additional new posts to an original, in order to build a broader contextual story through your updates.” According to Facebook, the intention of ‘Threads’ is to streamline news sharing and storytelling.

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Twitter is testing new audience controls on Tweets

Twitter’s latest test “would enable users to share their tweets with selected audiences, as opposed to all of their followers with every tweet.” This could significantly impact the way people use Twitter and build audiences.

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YouTube tests new channel guidelines

In another effort to reduce harmful and abusive comments, YouTube is testing ‘Channel Guidelines’. The Guidelines “will enable Channel managers to set rules around the types of comments people can post beneath their clips.”

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Facebook runs video test to make Instagram more like TikTok

On Wednesday, Instagram Chief, Adam Mosseri, announced a plan to display “full-screen, recommended videos in user feeds.” In addition to this, Instagram will be testing how the app embraces all kinds of video content.

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