In this week’s Platform Five: Instagram removes ‘Swipe up’ links


What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Instagram is removing ‘Swipe up’ links for Stories, TikTok’s testing longer video uploads, and Facebook brings Reels to its main app.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

Instagram is removing ‘Swipe up’ links for Stories

As part of Instagram’s improvement to Stories, ‘Swipe up’ links are being replaced with a new ‘Link’ sticker. The update is expected to encourage more click-throughs by enabling “more prominent placement of links within your Stories frames”.

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TikTok’s testing longer video uploads

In July, TikTok extended its video limit to three minutes, and now, the app is testing a five-minute limit. “The longer time limits allow for more creative capacity, and will also enable TikTok to insert more ad slots” which could transform how the app is used.

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Facebook brings Reels to its main app

In Facebook’s latest attempt to keep up with TikTok, Facebook Reels “will enable users to create and share Instagram Reels within the main Facebook app.” The aim is to stop users from migrating to TikTok and keep them posting to Facebook and Instagram.

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Twitter is testing a new option for Spaces

Twitter’s latest Spaces test will show users when someone they follow “is listening in to a Space, by highlighting that broadcast” at the top of their timeline. However, to maintain user privacy, Twitter is also allowing users to deactivate alerts when they’re listening to a Space.

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Pinterest launches new option to boost inclusion

Pinterest’s new inclusion option is a hair pattern search, “which will enable Pinterest users to search for hair products and ideas based on varying hair types.” The option works similarly to Pinterest’s skin tone search qualifier, providing more personalised search results.

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