In this week’s Platform Five: TikTok is testing ‘TikTok Stories’


What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

TikTok is testing ‘TikTok Stories’, Facebook hosts first-ever paid film premiere, and Twitter adds new Spaces sharing options.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

TikTok is testing ‘TikTok Stories’

Appearing to the left of the main screen, “TikTok stories will come with a dedicated camera and creation flow” and will disappear after 24 hours as with other platform’s story formats. The addition of TikTok Stories creates more content options and subsequently, more monetisation opportunities.

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Facebook hosts first-ever paid film premiere

On August 19, ‘The Outsider’ will premiere on Facebook as part of a ticketed event. Facebook is also providing paid promotion for the premiere, which adds “new areas of consideration” for the film industry as they navigate the post-pandemic world.

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Twitter adds new Spaces sharing options

Twitter’s new sharing option “will now enable Spaces attendees to tweet directly from within a Space, with the specific Space hashtag automatically populated within your new tweet.” Additionally, Twitter is adding new search tools for users to find relevant Spaces to engage with.

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Clubhouse announces changes to notifications and Club admin roles

As the app continues to expand following its full launch last month, Clubhouse is working to reduce notifications to a third of the current volume “while also working to show each user better and more relevant updates, which will be welcome news for users.”

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YouTube adds live-stream trailers and live polls

With apps like TikTok continuing to refine their live-stream offering, YouTube is also making efforts to sharpen their live-stream tools with two new additions. These include, expanding “Premiere trailer options to upcoming live-streams” and “expanding access to its Live Chat Polls option”.

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