In this week’s Platform Five: Instagram tests ‘Selected People’ for Stories

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What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Instagram tests ‘Selected People’ for Stories, Clubhouse adds new ‘Wave’ option, and Twitter launches test of Topics in Spaces.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

Instagram tests ‘Selected People’ for Stories

Instagram’s latest test provides users the option “to select specific profiles that will be able to view their Stories”. This is more or less an alternative version of the ‘Close Friends’ option, offering users more controls with who is able to view their content.

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Clubhouse adds new ‘Wave’ option

As Clubhouse works to maintain its early momentum following the lift of its invite-only restriction, the audio app has now added a new feature. The ‘Wave’ option aims to facilitate “spontaneous social hang-outs and meet-ups among friends.”

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Twitter launches test of Topics in Spaces

‘Topic tags’ is Twitter’s latest option for maximising Spaces’ reach. Users will be able to add up to three tags per Space from a list of 10 Topics in the set-up process. This will enable Twitter “to highlight relevant Spaces chats to interested users as they happen”.

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LinkedIn’s working on paid events

Over the past 18 months, LinkedIn has been capitalising on the rise of virtual events by focusing on its Events offering. Now, the professional network is testing a paid events option to provide new opportunities for users to earn money in a time where many have experienced economic downturn.

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Facebook launches Reels

Facebook has been testing Reels since March this year. Now, days after TikTok announced a billion active users, the social media giant is jumping on the bandwagon, opening up Reels to all Facebook users in the US.

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