In this week’s Platform Five: Facebook launches Professional Profiles

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What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Facebook launches Professional Profiles, Twitter tests new creative tweet options, and Meta opens up simplified AR creation tools.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

Facebook launches Professional Profiles

Facebook is working to provide more opportunities for creators on the platform. The biggest new addition is Professional Mode “which provides an alternative platform for emerging creators to glean audience insights, and connect.”

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Twitter tests new creative tweet options

While Twitter said goodbye to Fleets in July, the platform stated that elements of Fleets would be incorporated in other features of the app in the future, such as Twitter’s latest quote tweet reaction test. This feature would enable users “to capture a response to a tweet via the full-screen camera mode.”

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Meta opens up simplified AR creation tools

Meta is working to encourage more users to jump into the AR ecosystem by expanding access to its Spark AR Go beta app. This will enable all users “to create their own AR effects for Instagram within a simplified app flow.”

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Pinterest adds new option for replying to comments

This week, Pinterest announced the introduction of Reply with Idea Pins. A simple added functionality, users can now reply to Pin comments with Idea Pin videos. This will provide more visual elements as well as allow users to add context to their replies.

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YouTube is highlighting places mentioned in videos

YouTube is currently testing a new option that will enable creators to embed links to places they visit in their videos. Up until now, these links have been added in the text description box. If successful, YouTube will look to expand the feature, providing more ways for users to engage with content.

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