In this week’s Platform Five: Snap to host virtual Bitmoji concert


What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Snap will be hosting a virtual Bitmoji concert, Instagram outlines key app experience updates for visually impaired users, Pinterest adds AR furniture placement tool, Facebook’s 2021 performance results are released, and Twitter launches new ‘Toolbox’ hub.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

Snap to host a virtual Bitmoji concert

Snapchat is hosting a completely virtual Bitmoji concert to promote an upcoming Valentine’s Day rom-com film, called Marry Me. Fans will be able to log in to the event via Snapchat, with their Bitmoji character added to the crowd of virtual attendees engaging in the interactive experience.

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Instagram outlines key app experience updates for visually impaired users

Instagram is increasing app accessibility by simplifying its overall layout and process. Instagram’s Accessibility team has reduced the number of cues screen readers need to translate per post, and moved post actions into one bottom sheet, making it faster and easier for users to move through their feed.

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Pinterest adds AR furniture placement tool

Pinterest is bringing more augmented reality benefits to its app users, with their new ‘AR Try On for Home Decor’ process. This will enable users to virtually place furniture in their home, and essentially try before they buy.

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Facebook’s 2021 performance results released

Meta has posted its Q4 and full 2021 performance results, showing significant revenue growth. Interestingly, Facebook had its slowest quarterly growth rate in its history for monthly active users from Q3, and the number of daily active users declined for the first time.

See the results here.

Twitter launches new ‘Toolbox’ hub

Twitter has created a ‘Toolbox’ hub, which compiles helpful creation, moderation and analytics tools to assist users wanting to maximise their marketing on the platform. Interestingly, all of the apps in the hub are third-party apps, none are native.

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