In this week’s Platform Five: Instagram launches algorithm-free feed

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What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Instagram launches algorithm-free feed, Twitter tests new spaces analytics, Facebook develops reels reactions function, YouTube enables users to watch thousands of free shows in the app, and Snapchat acquires brain-reading tech ‘NextMind’.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

Instagram launches algorithm-free feed

Instagram has launched its algorithm-free, chronological free option to all users. There will now be two new Instagram feed display options to choose from to control your main content display – favourite, and following.

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Twitter tests new spaces analytics

Twitter is testing an analytics function for some Spaces users. The analytics include the number of people who tuned in, total speakers in the session, replays, and more.

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Facebook develops reels reactions function

Facebook is working on rolling out reactions onto reels content. This will expand users’ engagement options, allowing them to interact with content beyond a like or comment.

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YouTube enables users to watch thousands of free shows in the app

YouTube has launched new TV shows in the app that users will be able to watch for free, with ad breaks in the US. According to YouTube, over 135 million people watched YouTube content on their TV screens in December 2021.

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Snapchat acquires brain-reading tech ‘NextMind’

Snapchat has acquired Paris-based tech company NextMind to help drive Snapchat’s augmented reality research. The idea is that eventually, your brain will control your digital experience subconsciously.

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