In this week’s Platform Five: Jack Dorsey Exits Twitter Board

Platform Five Header_wk 26 May

What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Jack Dorsey exits Twitter board, LinkedIn provides algorithm insight, Instagram working on video reactions for Reels, Twitter launches ‘Twitter Create’ mini site and Snapchat publishes third annual ‘CitizenSnap’ Report.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

Jack Dorsey exits Twitter board

Co-founder and former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has announced he will be stepping down from Twitter effective immediately. Over the past two weeks, Twitter has lost five key staff members, including their VPs of Product Management and Twitter Service, and their Heads of Revenue Product and Data Science.

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LinkedIn provides algorithm insight

LinkedIn will be releasing a series of blog posts and on-platform content called “Mythbusting the Feed” to provide greater insight into how LinkedIn works and address common misconceptions on how the feed works. The first two videos are now live, and outline the types of content LinkedIn amplifies in-stream, and the alignment between professional and personal growth.

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Instagram working on video reactions for Reels

Instagram is currently testing a new reaction video option in Reels, which would prompt users to ‘create a reaction video’ from the Reels share sheet. This could help get more people posting Reels content, with the and keep people from joining TikTok.

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Twitter launches ‘Twitter Create’ mini site

Twitter is launching a new Twitter Create mini site, which will be used to host tips, insights and examples to help creators increase their Twitter presence. The new site includes sections dedicated to creators in different verticals, helping them to maximise their presence for their specific niche areas.

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Snapchat publishes third annual ‘CitizenSnap’ Report

Snapchat has published its third annual ‘CitizenSnap Report’, outlining how the company is progressing toward its environmental, social and governance goals. The 113-page report includes insights and stats on Snap’s performance, and the various initiatives it is undertaking for its global citizenship plan.

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