In this week’s Platform Five: Meta launches advertiser education platform

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What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Meta launches their advertiser education platform, Pinterest posts 9% revenue increase, LinkedIn launches ‘LinkedIn Collective’, TikTok publishes new advertising guide, and Twitter develops explainer notes for edited tweets.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

Meta launches advertiser education platform

Meta has launched a new platform called the ‘Advertiser Success Centre’, where advertisers can access tips and resources on how to increase the effectiveness of their promotions before the end of the year. The centre also includes links to Facebook Blueprint courses, as well as Help center articles and links, to increase and maximise your campaign knowledge.

Learn more here.

Pinterest posts 9% revenue increase

While Pinterest’s Q2 performance update results show no growth in the number of users on the platform, there has been a 9% increase in revenue. Pinterest saw a large jump in users during the pandemic, with an increase to 478 million monthly active users at its peak, which has since stabilised at 433 million monthly active users.

Find out the details here.

LinkedIn launches ‘LinkedIn Collective’

LinkedIn has created a new community for B2B marketers called the ‘LinkedIn Collective’ hub, which has been created to ‘inspire excellence and success’ in B2B strategists. The best content will be curated on the hub by LinkedIn’s own editorial team, and will include resources informed by LinkedIn data and insights.

Read about it here.

TikTok publishes new advertising guide

TikTok has just released a new guide for advertisers, outlining how they can navigate the new data privacy and tracking restrictions on iOS. Essentially the guide offers two performance tracking options available to advertisers in the wake of Apple’s update, based on whether users opt-in and keep sharing their data, or opt-out and do not provide their data for advertising purposes.

Learn more here.

Twitter develops explainer notes for edited tweets

Twitter is working on a way to show when edits are made to tweets. The original version will include a note advising the original tweets has been edited, and the edited version will have a date on it saying when the content was last edited.

Find out more here.

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