In this week’s Platform Five: Snap launches new ‘Family Centre’

Platform Five Header_12 Aug

What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Snap launches its new ‘Family Centre’, YouTube adds prompts for Shorts content, Meta reveals B2B advertising audiences, WhatsApp adds new privacy tools, and LinkedIn adds new post templates.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

Snap launches its new ‘Family Centre’

Snapchat is launching its Family Centre, which will give parents the ability to oversee who their teens engage with in the app, while also keeping the conversations private. Parents will also be able to report accounts of concern directly to Snap’s Trust and Safety teams, without alerting their child.

Learn more here.

YouTube adds prompts for Shorts content

YouTube is adding a new comment sticker option for Shorts clips, giving creators on iOS the ability to reply to VOD and Shorts comments with a sticker in their Shorts video.

Find out the details here.

Meta reveals B2B advertising audiences

In response to Apple’s ATT update, which has significantly reduced Meta’s data tracking capacity, Meta has revealed a new set of B2B targeting audience segments. These segments are designed to provide B2B marketers with another way to reach key decision-makers across its apps.

Read about it here.

WhatsApp adds new privacy tools

Users will soon be able to decide who can see when they are online in the app – from everyone, to specific contacts, or nobody at all. There will also be the option to leave groups silently, so users can leave chats without alerting group members.

Learn more here.

LinkedIn adds new post templates

LinkedIn is releasing a new templates option for posts, providing various text formatting and background options for LinkedIn updates.

Users will be able to tap on the ‘Use a Template’ option in the post creation flow, and start customising their post.

Find out more here.

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