In this week’s Platform Five: Instagram fined $591 million

Platform Five Header_wk 9 Sept

What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Instagram fined $591 million, Twitter announces expanded ‘Birdwatch’ fact-checking program, TikTok adds more regional trend insights, Meta announces 2022 Connect Conference, and Google outlines efforts to combat misinformation around US Midterms.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

Instagram fined $591 million for breaking data privacy laws

Instagram’s parent company Meta has been fined AU$591 million after Ireland’s Data Protection Commission found that Instagram had breached the European Union data privacy laws for its handling of children’s data. An investigation revealed the accounts of 13-to-17 year-olds were publicly visible under default settings and teenagers were able to make their contact information public on business accounts.

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Twitter announces expanded ‘Birdwatch’ fact-checking program

Twitter will be expanding its Birdwatch program, which is a crowd-sourced, fact-checking program designed to combat misinformation within the app. Birdwatch enables participants to highlight information in Tweets that they believe is misleading, and add notes to provide additional context. Interestingly, anyone can apply to be a Birdwatch contributor, provided they meet a brief list of eligibility requirements.

Find out the details here.

TikTok adds more regional trend insights

TikTok has announced it has added more data into its ‘TikTok Insights’ tool, which provide data notes you can download as cards for use in presentations. The data can be filtered by industry, year, and by audience e.g. Gen Z, Millennials.

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Meta announces 2022 Connect Conference

Meta will be showcasing the metaverse at its 2022 Connect Conference, which will be a virtual event held on 11 October 2022. Meta is expected to present a range of new AR and VR innovations at the event.

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Google outlines efforts to combat misinformation around US Midterms

Google has revealed how it will be connecting Search and YouTube users with trustworthy information around the polls, while combating misinformation. Google will be adding new election information guidance within the related Google Search results to help connect voters with official electoral information.

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