In this week’s Platform Five: Twitter launches initial test of audio chats

Platform Five Header_wk 14 Oct

What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Twitter launches initial test of audio chats, TikTok adds photo mode for still images, Snapchat unveils AR-to-Purchase activation, YouTube launches handles for channels, and Instagram is working on achievement badges.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

Twitter launches initial test of audio chats

Twitter carries out an initial test for audio chats within communities, hoping to enhance smaller community engagement within the app. Group admins can now launch video chats, which are only visible within the group, allowing individuals to follow topics of interest.

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TikTok adds ‘photo mode’ for still images

TikTok is adding ‘photo mode’ for still images within the app. This feature allows creators to share a collection of images that automatically display one after the other. Additionally, the app has also announced the ability for longer captions, with up to 2,200 characters able to accompany each clip.

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Snapchat unveils AR-to-Purchase option

Snapchat takes an innovative approach for Halloween by enabling users to not only ‘try on’ Halloween costumes via AR, but also to purchase and wear the outfits they have virtually tried on, in real life. The app’s latest research has found 80% of Snapchatters plan to use the app during Halloween, highlighting the potential of AR as a path to purchase.

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YouTube launches handles for channels

YouTube is adding @handles for channels, bringing it in line with the likes of Twitter, TikTok and Instagram. Handles will be unique to your channel, making it easier to drive traffic to your profile. Where custom URLs have only been available to creators with 100 or more subscriptions, they will now be available to all users.

Find out the details here.

Instagram working on achievement badges

Instagram is developing ‘Achievement’ badges to incentivise Reels creators. This means we may soon earn badges like ‘Trendsetter’ or ‘Creative Streak’ for the performance of our Reels. The badges will only be visible to you and they’re, no doubt, designed to keep us posting and improving our Reels.

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