In this week’s Platform Five: Meta releases new ‘Galactica’ AI system

Platform Five Header_wk 18 Nov

What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Instagram adds music options to still image posts, TikTok launches new audience insight tools, Meta releases ‘Galactica’ AI system, Snapchat launches World Cup 2022 features, and LinkedIn creates new brand safety hub.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

Instagram adds music option to still image posts

Instagram advances their feature options, by introducing the capacity to add music to still image posts, providing another way for creators to integrate music into the Instagram experience. Instagram users will have the choice of a 5 to 90 second segment from a range of different songs, increasing creativity and engagement on posts.

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TikTok launches audience insight tools

TikTok adds a new Audience Insight component in TikTok Ads Manager, allowing users to drill down into specific demographic details about their audience in the app. This feature includes audience interests, usage behaviours, gender splits, device types and creator, video and hashtag interactions.

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Meta releases new ‘Galactica’ AI system

Meta has recently launched a demo version of the new ‘Galactica’. This is a language tool which can produce academic and scientific papers based on basic prompts. It is able to summarise academic materials, answer mathematical equations/problems, create Wiki articles and more, all based on simple text prompts.

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Snapchat launches 2022 World Cup features

Snapchat announces the launch of various new interactive features to help fans engage with the upcoming 2022 World Cup. Elements will include; team-based AR filters, a new try-on feature, ‘Live Garment Transfer Lenses’, and live notifications to keep users engaged and informed on the latest updates.

Find out the details here.

LinkedIn creates new brand safety hub

LinkedIn has set in motion a new ‘Brand Safety Hub’ to manage audience network placements. This will enable advertisers to; discover further information about LinkedIn’s partner platforms, extend their campaigns beyond LinkedIn itself, and maximise campaign performance.

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