In this week’s Platform Five: Twitter’s recent issues create discussion about the app crashing

Platform Five Header_wk 25 Nov

What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Pinterest adds support for more languages, Facebook sees a decline in political content, Twitter faces issues after reduced oversight, WhatsApp expands business opportunities, and Meta adds tools to protect younger users.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

Pinterest adds support for more languages

Pinterest has announced the next step of its international expansion by adding support for Afrikaans, Croatian and Bulgarian language pins, broadening global accessibility in the app. The platform is now available in 41 languages, and continues to provide further language support tools in the near future to improve this capacity.

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Facebook’s decline on political content

A recent report by Meta was released that shows the Facebook content list of user shares and views has extremely declined under the topic of politics. This is a result of Meta’s recent efforts to reduce overall political content within the app, due to many posts violating its platform rules.

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Twitter faces issues after reduced oversight

Due to the recent 64% staff cut, Twitter has been facing numerous issues, which has led to recent discussion about the possibility of the app crashing. Some of the problems that users have reported are; copyright system failure, advertiser issues, and the exposure of private tweets.

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WhatsApp expands business opportunities

WhatsApp launches a new business search functionality, that includes a dedicated search element, making it easier for users to access various in-app shopping options. In addition, WhatsApp adds an in-app payment tool, allowing users to buy and sell through a seamless checkout experience.

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Meta adds tools to protect young users

Meta has announced a new set of updates, including tools and settings, to better protect younger users from potential exposure to online predators, and any other dangerous behaviors in the app. Some of these include stricter privacy controls for all users under the age of 16, and the option to restrict people to view your profile and posts.

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