In this week’s Platform Five: Instagram launches Account Status dashboards

Platform Five Header_wk 9 Dec

What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Meta increases avatar usage options, Google introduces ‘year in year’ search, Instagram updates account status feature, Twitter removes moments feature, and LinkedIn adds audience analytic tools.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

Meta increases avatar usage options

Meta has added new ways to use and share your 3D avatar on Facebook and Instagram, with the aim of aligning users with cartoon versions of themselves as a new way to virtually connect. This builds upon previous updates, including 3D character designs, sponsored items for avatars, themed costumes for your avatar, creating avatar-specific post content and more.

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Google introduces ‘year in search’ overview

Google has launched its ‘Year in Search’ Overview for 2022, providing a snapshot of the key trends and interests throughout the year based on Google Search activity. The mini-site includes a full overview of the top 10 search terms by category, with the option to tap through on any trend for more information.

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Instagram updates account status feature

Instagram is providing more transparency for creators with their new addition to its in-app Account Status dashboard. The platform will now indicate whether your content is eligible for recommendation to non-followers, and will provide tips of how to resolve any issues.

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Twitter removes option to create Moments

Twitter is shutting down the Moments feature within the app, which were used to highlight reels of the top stories each day curated by Twitter’s news team. It began as a new way to look at tweets that was simple and easy, but over the years has seen a steady decline.

Find out the details here.

LinkedIn adds audience analytic tools

LinkedIn is adding additional insights tools to help content creators understand their audience, including follower growth statistics, new demographics and more. This gives creators a range of in-depth data to measure and improve content management on the platform.

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