In this week’s Platform Five: TikTok updates Promote tools

Platform Five Hero_wk 10 Feb

What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

TikTok updates Promote tools, Snapchat announces Partner Summit, YouTube adds new engagement options, Twitter Blue subscribers can post 4,000 character tweets, and Google says AI-generated content isn’t against search guidelines.

Let’s take a look at these changes in more detail.

TikTok updates Promote tools

TikTok is adding four new options to its quick Promote ad feature, allowing brands to boost posts though an easier campaign creation process. Brands will now be able to drive more visits to their TikTok page, get more messages from potential customers, boost other creators’ content, and target audience by location.

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Snapchat announces Partner Summit

Snapchat has announced that their fifth annual Partner Summit will be held on the 19th of April. The summit will be used to preview the latest Snapchat tools and products, while highlighting marquee partnerships which enhance how the Snapchat community functions.

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YouTube adds new engagement options

YouTube is adding new engagement options, including a new filter option to find comments that have received replies, and additional ways to interact with Shorts creators. YouTube is also adding a new ‘stacked bar chart’ display in YouTube Studio, which aims to give content creators insight into how viewers find their channel.

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Twitter Blue subscribers can post 4,000 character tweets

Twitter has given Twitter Blue subscribers in the US the ability to post tweets up to 4.000 characters in length. The longer tweets will be shown in the main feed, with a ‘Show more’ indicator giving users the option to read the rest of the tweet.

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Google says AI-generated content isn’t against search guidelines

Google has clarified its position on AI-generated content, noting that while AI-generated content is not against guidelines, using AI to create content with the primary purpose of manipulating search results ranking is a violation of their spam policies.

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