In this week’s Platform Five: LinkedIn tests AI post prompts

Platform Five Hero_wk 12 May

What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Instagram tests AI sticker creation, YouTube adds restriction to ad blockers, Twitter launches responses through DMs, Meta expands monetisation program and LinkedIn tests AI post prompts.

Instagram tests AI sticker creation

Instagram runs a new test with the launch of its first generative AI tools, with a new sticker creation process that will enable users to create visuals in the app based on text prompts. Users will then have the ability to share those visuals in the app, providing another way to engage and create using Instagram’s native tools.

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YouTube adds restrictions to ad blockers

YouTube launches a new experiment that blocks users from watching YouTube content when ad blocking apps or tools are active in a browser. Users with ad blockers will now be prompted with an alert that explains in order to continue watching YouTube videos, users will have to disable their ad blocker or go ad-free with YouTube Premium.

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Twitter launches responses through DMs

Twitter users will now have the ability to reply directly to any message within a DM thread, making it easier to interact within group chats and discussions. Twitter has also added a new emoji picker within DMs, allowing users to react to a message with a wider range of emoji options.

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Meta expands monetisation program

Meta is updating its monetisation program for Reels creators which will now see creators paid based on the performance of their content, as opposed to the ads shown alongside their clips. Meta’s Reels ads program which first launched last year will also now be expanded to thousands more users.

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LinkedIn tests AI post prompts

LinkedIn is continuing to test the use of AI within their app by experimenting with generative AI feed posts, created via suggestions within the composer. LinkedIn’s in-development AI update assistant would prompt you to ‘share your ideas’ with the system to then get suggestions for a first draft on a LinkedIn post.

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