In this week’s Platform Five: Meta fined $2 billion

Platform Five Hero_wk 26 May

What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Meta fined AUD$2 billion, Twitter’s competitor launching next month, Google announces AI ad tools, Legal experts call for AI regulations, and Twitter adds 2 hour videos.

Meta fined AUD$2 billion

Meta has been charged just under AUD$2 billion from regulators and the European Data Protection Board (EDPU) for transferring EU user data back to the US without explicit permission or adequate protections in place.

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Twitter’s competitor launching next month

Twitter’s competitor Barcelona, is moving closer to next month’s launch as selected creators are now being briefed on how the app will function. The new app is essentially a simplified version of Twitter, and it is more aligned with a chat-based feed.

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Google announces AI ad tools

Google has announced a range of new generative AI tools for brands at its Google Marketing Live event. These tools include new ad creation options, customised Search ads based on your website text, and more.

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Legal experts call for AI regulations

As generative AI tools continue to be integrated into various ad creation platforms, while also seeing expanded use in more general context, the question of legal copyright over the usage of generative content looms over everything, as various organisations try to formulate a new way forward on this front.

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Twitter adds 2-hour videos

Twitter has confirmed that their Blue subscribers can now upload videos that are up to two hours long in the app, with the aim of enticing more people to the app. Those who aren’t a Twitter Blue Subscriber can still have the ability to upload videos up to 140 seconds long.

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