In this week’s Platform Five: Snapchat shares new stats on ‘My AI’ usage

Platform Five Hero_wk 16 June

What’s changed in the last seven days? What does it mean?

Snapchat shares new stats on ‘My AI’ usage, LinkedIn launches company DMs, Twitter adds user info downloads, Instagram tests AI chatbot, and LinkedIn launches ‘Find Your In’.

Snapchat shares new stats on ‘My AI’ usage

Snap was the first social media app to incorporate generative AI through its ‘My AI’ chatbot, and has now released an overview into what the chatbot has been doing. The overview includes the most common questions the bot has been asked, new usage stats, and notes on how the ‘My AI’ data will be used to improve its algorithmic matching.

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LinkedIn launches company DMs

LinkedIn have now launched a new feature that enables Company Pages to send and receive DMS, as the app looks to build out its messaging tools with a view to facilitating further professional connections and interactions.

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Twitter adds user info downloads

Elon Musk continues to re-shape Twitter, with the new addition of subscriber data access. The app have announced that content creators will soon be able to download a list of info on their Twitter subscribers, so they can contact them off-platform if they choose.

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Instagram tests AI chatbot

Instagram jumps on the AI bandwagon, as the company is currently developing a new AI chat option that enables you to ask questions of an AI system within any chat thread. Further to this, the platform announce that many more various new AI tools  are in the works for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

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LinkedIn launches ‘Find Your In’

LinkedIn launches a new promotional campaign, created by ad agency Droga5, which aims to help maximise how you can use the platform to find your ideal career pathway. The ‘Find Your In’ showcases how LinkedIn can unlock new opportunities for users with their professional journey.

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