Project Brief

The coronavirus crisis has left us with little precedent to guide our decisions. Our clients have asked us to derive actionable insights from data to help communication and operational decision making.


We’re using a mix of technology including Meltwater, BuzzSumo, SEMrush and Google Trends, to create weekly reports tailored for client information needs.

This is a time of significant uncertainty and there is little precedent to guide our decisions and actions. We rely on precedent as a sound basis for our decisions and to plan our actions. We use past behaviour to predict and plan for future outcomes.

The problem today is that we find ourselves in a crisis like none we’ve experienced before. And, as far as we know, this remains an open-ended crisis.

At Kamber, we have turned to data generated by our online interactions as a valuable source of intelligence on which to base communication and operational decisions. We’re using a mix of technology and desktop research to find data that allows us to infer the Australian state of mind so that our clients have the signposts they need to make informed decisions.

We’re gathering and analysing data that tells us what Australians are most interested in or concerned about; the stories we’re engaging with the most; where we’re sharing our stories (websites, forums and social media platforms); when we’re looking for information; and what we’re finding.

We’re also gathering and analysing data that gives us a sense of how the rest of the world is reacting – and extrapolating from this, trends that may emerge in Australia.

The way we respond to this crisis may define brands, governments and individuals for a while to come. We’re doing what we can to engender informed responses.